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The Friends of the Children’s Justice Center is on an unwavering mission to increase awareness and support for victims of maltreatment and their families. By providing resources regarding the signs and symptoms of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, building community partnerships and capital assets, and offering children and families a safe place during the healing process after a report has been made, The Friends of CJC is driving change through prevention — one child at a time.

Donate to the Friends of CJC to help provide the funding we need to maintain our property as a welcoming place during the healing process, make capital improvements to further our mission, and promote awareness to make our community a safer place to be a kid.

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How You Can Help

Donate Necessary Items for the CJC House

Washer and Dryer:

The children who are interviewed at our home frequently need clean clothing and showers, resulting in laundry that cannot be done on site. We would welcome donations restricted to either or both of these items.

If you would like to donate a washer and/or dryer click here.

Solar lighting:

Our monument sign faces Silver Summit Parkway and indicates entry to our driveway. During the fall and winter months, it becomes difficult for families to see as the sun sets. We would welcome donations restricted to this item.

If you would like to donate solar lighting click here.

Donate Stock

All stock donations are welcome. Please send us a request at with your name and contact information, and we’ll send instructions for the donation.

Volunteer Your Time

We are always looking for new board members and committee members. Board members have full voting rights for all matters pertaining to the Friends, as well as eligibility to serve on our Executive committee as an officer.

Committee members are invited to all meetings and events and can serve on all committees (excluding Executive), despite holding no voting rights.

Get to Know Our Committees

The Friends of the Children’s Justice Center Executive Committee acts as the steering committee for the entire board. The committee’s President, who also serves as the Board Chair, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer are elected every 2 years by the full board. In the President’s absence, the Vice President assumes the role of Chair.

The Friends of the Children’s Justice Center Governance Committee oversees board member recruitment, orientation, elections, board performance, and security/technology.

Primarily responsible for the accuracy of financial reports, the Friends of the Children’s Justice Center Finance Committee also oversees the Friend’s budget, establishes reserve funds, and manages investment accounts. The Treasurer is Committee Chair.

All public facing activities are handled by the Friends of the Children’s Justice Center Development Committee. It has three subcommittees: Public Relations, Events, Fundraising/Grants.

The Friends of the Children’s Justice Center Building and Maintenance Committee assures that our building and landscaping remain in good condition and are maintained/updated per our endowment reserve study timeline.

Donate through Amazon or Walmart

Contact us at for our most up to date list of needed items.

Other Ways to Get Involved

We are in need of volunteers for an all-community event we are planning for Spring 2024. This event will center on education about child maltreatment in Summit County, the state of Utah, and the United States, but stay tuned for more details in the New Year. If you are interested in volunteering, please send an email to


Community Education Sessions

Check back for details on upcoming events in 2024