Curious where your donated dollars actually go?  The Friends of the Children’s Justice Center Summit County’s main mission is to support the CJC, SC house and future capital investments, which includes building and maintaining:

  • all capital assets
  • and a Reserve fund of $1M

What does that really mean?  Well, like any homeowner, we have to continually maintain and improve our home, which in our case helps us ensure the staff of the CJC have the resources they need to serve the children and families undergoing traumatic and life-altering abuse incidents.

One major improvement over the past year was winterizing our roof and connecting the roof of the garage to our home. And we finished the first project just before a record-breaking winter snowfall. The source of funds for this project was from our generous donors and a State of Utah Cultural grant of $50,000.

This past summer, we slurried our driveway and made more roofing improvements over the front entrance of our house. And in the upcoming year, we plan to update our landscaping and soundproof our interview rooms.

Your donations are always welcome and very much appreciated!